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on christmas day. we have 40 machines throughout the united states and in 2010 we will deploy 300 more of them. we may deploy more than that. >> enhanced security is one part of the answer but changes will have to be made with how the u.s. handles their intelligence. >> americans have grown used to the idea that the battle against al qaeda and the associates are taking place overseas. but what happened in this aiort was a reminder that as far as the enemy is concerned, america is also the frontline. this has raised difficult questions about how to battle this threat. >> the security agencies have now completed a review into what went wrong. > at this stage in the process it appears that this was not the fault of a single individual or organization, but a systemic failure across the different organizations and agencies. >> he was on the watch list and even his father had warned the officials that the sun was becoming more radical. today he will be driven through this note to this court room. some of those who were on the flight will also be there, to look at the man accused of trying to bring d
. at least two al-qaeda militants wereilled in theperation. he dend the united states was involved in any w. ou corresndent is the. >> that is because the u.s. embassy has reopened, the crisis is not necessarily ov. far from it. yemen has lot of probls, apart from al-eda. the is a longstandg tribal war in theorth of the country which saudi are read yet -- sai arabia ha bcome involved. in the south, there's a shortage of water. oil is runni out. e american and allied rponse to whahas been going on here -- predent obama has to work out whether what he doesis going to make things bett or worse. there arelenty of people, a divers range of analysts, who wod say a heavyanded milita response will push people furer towards aqaeda. coming up with the best policy prescription is now is goingo be a real challenge. >> as w hrd a littlearlier, addi to president obama's ute concerns about security, thevelation of the suici bomb that killed seven cia workers was aordanian al-qaeda double agent. we've been following delopments from the jordanian capital. >> the reaction is spt between fficial and word on e
they will bring them. the shortages are in just about everything. today, planes from the united states, china, france, and spain were among those landing at the airport. the military making it possible for supplies to fly in around the clock. all the more critical because of heavy damage to the port. president obama warned it may take hours or days for all american resources to get on the ground. >> none of this will seem quick enough if you have a loved one he was trapped, if you're sleeping on the streets, if you cannot feed your children. but it is important that everyone in haiti understand at this moment one of the largest relief efforts in our recent history is moving towards haiti. >> but mobilizing the ever- expanding international relief effort is only the first step. the logistical challenge of turning that into search and rescue operations for all the collapsed buildings, into medical help needed for the injured, and food and walter and shelter -- food and water and shelter for all those without homes is a nightmare. they are battling to cope. >> there are many people who survived,
-- mourning, and they are grieving for their son, now in detention in the united states. they are grieving for what he attempted to do -. but, in fact, the alleged bomber's father, seen here, did take serious steps to try to rein in his son, who he thought was being radicalized during a state in yemen. a nigean intelligence agency and the american embassy in nigeria was told by yemen about his concerns. surprisingly, neither seems to have taken his warnings seriously enough. the vast majority of well- meaning nigerians will be appalled, but under the new regulations, and their country comes under the same category as a failed state, such as somalia. there are some doing entirely legitimate business with the united states and the rest of the world, but welmeaning nigerians also note that the man who attempted to blow up that claim held and nigerian passport. there is a reaction to the united states. >> we feel that we do not deserve that. it is not representative of 115 million nigerians. he was not trained in nigeria. it was outside of this country. generally, nigerians do not have terrori
into the united states face much tougher security measures. all travelers from 14 countries deemed a security risk can expect full body searches. this is one week after a failed attempt to blow up an american airliner. >> the extra security measures are targeted and highly visible. all passengers that fly from countries considered to pose a threat to the u.s. will be given full body pat downs, and ham luggage will be searched. four of those countries are on the list of sponsors of terrorism. three others are deemed to be of interest. they include cuba, nigeria, sudan, yemen, iran, syria, and pakistan. the white house has come under intense pressure to improve airport security in the wake of the failed bomb plot on christmas day. >> it is not that the system is broken, but there are ways to improve the system to make sure we can put together the various pieces of information in a way that allows us to stop every terrorist. >> the nigerian national boarded a plane bound for detroit. the explosives were allegedly sown into his underwear. they went undetected. there's no guarantee the new measures wou
. pretty desolate here and wind-swept. this is the northernmost shore of the united states. the north pole is just 1,300 miles behind me. this is point barrow, named after john barrow, the royal navy official of the 19th century who sent countless expeditions into the arctic to try to find the fabled northwest passage. well, he wouldn't believe how the arctic is changing right now. normally in the summer, the ice retreats to within about 50 miles of this coast. well, right now the ice is 300 miles away. satellite pictures reveal what's happening. the ice cap shrinks every summer but now far beyond the average. most of it is floating. a massive ice that's now retreating and getting thinner so it's disintegrating more easily. this matters because white ice reflects sunlight but the darker ocean absorbs it, so the warming accelerates. >> this is a catastrophic retreat, far faster and quicker and more extensive than what the models predicted. 2007 and 2008 are the two lowest years of summer retreat of ice ever, two greatest retreats of ice, and i think we've got a trend here that's very, very
who admitted to killing abortion doctor in the united states has been found guilty of first-degree murder. he said that he killed dr. george tiller to protect unborn children and. -- and more children. at least 12 people at been killed in mogadishu in a night of heavy fighting. the shelling came as the president's celebrated his first year in office. the losing candidates have in shriveling the's -- sri lanka's presidential candidate -- he has refused to accept his defeat in elections. the haitian government says it desperately needs to hundred thousand tents to house refugees. 70 -- several days on, the majority of refugees do not have any cover. there are as many as 1 million people need to be undercover. we have this report from port- au-prince. >> hope can come in all shapes and sizes, even a green box. after 17 days of misery, something to laugh about in haiti. in a few days' time, 300,000 refugees will start moving in. it is the first proper camp to be fitted since the quake. there'll be latrines, even proper showers. but this camp is a tiny fraction of what is needed.
. we do not claim to know as much as the united states. but in the region here, we have been engaged in operations and anti-terror operations for the good part of 40 years. >> jordan's position is an uncomfortable one, a prominent muslim middle eastern nation whose policies are pro-western, but whose people view the u.s. with suspicion, some even with violent hatred. bbc news, jordan. >> a suicide attack and southeastern afghanistan has killed a senior security officer and six others. officials say the bomber detonated explosives in a busy area, killing all seven on the spot, wounding a least 24. the security officer was the commander for the neighboring province. police said the indian administered kashmir say troops shot dead two gunmen who took over a hotel in the regional capital. the hotel was stormed after a 24-hour standoff. the governor took refuge after throwing grenades and opened fire at a busy market. at least one busy -- busy market was killed. iran has said it will form trials. five people arrested in connection with religious commemorations. the news agency says the ch
to you. security has been tightened for thousands of passengers flying to the united states. from more than one dozen countries. the christmas-day at 10 by a nigerian man has had far reaching consequences -- the christmas day attempt. countries including at the sudan and yemen and pakistan now face fall by the scans and pat downs. >> president obama has returned from holiday to face a wave of issues. >> we are conducting an internal review. the president has called for a whlole of government review, based on what we know now. >> this is the scene at one of the busiest airports. there was one man who went into a secure area. thousands of passengers had to go through security all over again. flights were grounded. the man was not fast. >> so we can all go back through. as you can see, it is an absolute chaos. >> be more security, as far as i am concerned, the better -- the more security. >> they patted me down, and they literally did it a full body, -- did a full body, legs and everything. i had just not seen that before. >> iran, syria, sudan, and cuba. kenmore, including afghanistan, n
links to the western world, particularly the united states, but israel as well. that is not popular amongst the population and certainly not among the wider arab world as well. an incident like this exposes the close ties between jordanians' spy agency and the cia. those ties go back a long way but have been particularly close since the 2001 twin tower attack. since then, jordan has become a key ally along with the united states, helping to break into militant groups into iraq -- in iraq and more recently in afghanistan and in yemen as well. but jordan does not want its own population to know much about that. it does not want the wider arab world to know about it. that is the word on the street -- broad support for attacks on american cia officials, and that is where we see jordan split. >> you are watching "bbc world news." let's go back to washington. this is the scene live in the grand foyer. our main story, that president obama is meeting with top intelligence and security officials. we expect the president to speak in the next few moments. as we wait for him to leave that meeti
leitimate business th the united states andhe rest of the world, but well-meanin nigerians also note that the man who tempted to blow up that claim held and nigeri passport. there is reaction to the united states. >> we feel thawe do not deserve that. it not representative of 15 million nigeans. he was not trained in nigea. it was outside of this country. gerally,nigerns do not have terrort sentiments. >> on the reets, the i oad agreement. >> it could happen in geria. it could happen awhere else. >> i feel terrib about i. >> what was aost a tragedy for early 300 pssengers and ew on board a fght into detroit has now become aew problem for t people of nigeria. they pbably will not mind the extraecurity at airports so mu as delaymany of them now fear they will have in gting visas go abroad. nigeriis a country that lis and breathes with its business connections. some of those cnections may foa while become more fficult. bbc news >> now, in the past, presidential elections havetorn ukraine apart. the nextote in the next few eks could produce moreplits. the country ha had aurbulent relat
the united states that the suicide bomber who killed eight people inside a cia base in afghanistan was an outside agent who did pretend he had been turned to work for the u.s. reports say the bomber was arrested and recruited by jordanian intelligence who then passed them on to the cia. for more details on this astoundinstory i enjoyed by our curity correspondent. no one seems to argue the fact that he was a double agent. >> it is coming from a number of sources, including g. hottest -- jihadist forums have been talking about it. the consensus is building behind is a remarkable story, which is quite different from what we've heard from the start, someone with an afghan military uniform. now it appears this was a jordanian who was arrested in jordan and to the jordanians thought they had turned and got to work for them to infiltrate al qae, and had been sent to afghanistan to infiltrate the highest reaches but in fact had still been working for al qaeda. >> how embarrassing is this for the jordanians? >> it is potentially quite awkward originally because they -- because they origina
started trickling in. united states has sent the biggest rescue teams. they have pledged funds. a few planes have already landed in haiti. american naval ships are on their way. getting to where help is most urgently needed is not easy. much of haiti's infrastructure is in ruins. debris and collapsed buildings are a major obstacle. >> we are going to need water, food, and medicine. there are a lot of people injured who have not yet found all of the people buried under their houses. as we continue with this work, we will need a lot of medication and a lot of help. >> world bank has announced $100 billion of emergency aid. the red cross has begun a $10 million appeal. given the extent of the devastation, that is not enough. according to former u.s. president bill clinton -- >> i have been working in heartbreaking circumstances like this for three decades now. what we need now is food, water, supplies, first aid, and shelter. >> halfway across the globe, more expressions of sympathy. foreign ministers of southeast asian nations led the support and funds. resourceful nation's work hard to
correspondent listened to the speech. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. >> the first african american receiving the fanfare of a state of the union night, a history maker but with a speech luted in the here and now. 50 million americans out of work, record budget deficit -- 15 million americans out of work. >> i have never been more hopeful about america's future that i am tonight. our union is strong. we do not give up. we did not quit. >> almost everything he said came back to the e economy. from credit to small businesses funded by loans repaid by wall street, to infrastructure and clean energy projects with the promise of new jobs. >> people are out of work. they are hurting. they need our help. that is why jobs must be our number one focus in 2010, and that is why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> the president's signature initiative, universal health care, is now on life support in congress, lacking the votes. >> here is what i ask congress to do. don't walk away from reform. not now, not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finished th
. but the ambassador to the united states has called it a catastrophe of major proportions. it measured seven or 7.3, centered near the capital, port- au-prince, and followed by two large aftershocks. reports speak of a hospital collapsing and a number of houses destroyed. a local tsunami warning for haiti, cuba, the bahamas, and the dominican republic. we will get more on that as soon as we can. i think we now have our correspondent at davis on the line from jamaica. >> it seems -- nick davis on the line from jamaica. the >> it seems that it is measured on the richter scale over seven. people are saying that houses toppled, the quake lasted for over a minute. now people are trying to rescue those who have been affected. there have been two aftershocks, which were at least five of the scale of magnitude. we do know that they are using anything they can get their hands on to try to rcue those who are trapped, including farm equipment. >> help us put this in context, i think they are 2.5 to 3 million people living in port- au-prince, but haiti was hit very recently. >> that is right, only in 2008, i
for the visible minorities in the united states when you have graduated from harvard and if you wear black, you have this position that you are not as good as others. we don't want that. >> only 40% attend a school like this one. the rest go to universities that are overcrowded and under funded. world news today. our main story, china has rejected u.s. of its internet controls saying it could harm ties between the countries. it will be funded by the international community. speaking to our world affairs editor. interested to bringing the taliban back to their country after many years ago. now we have the backing of our partners and other allies. and we have better understanding of the situation the source that would provide opportunities for those taliban that return. those are the ones that are not al qaeda. the ones are not afghans waiting for the constitution and part of this country and not part of any tourist network will be persuaded to return to their own homes. the british and americans say it is ok by them. >> we have been talking about this issue nor the past year. we have seen more a
, it is mysterious. the government immediately blamed the united states and israel for being behind this assassination. they say that the professor was a nuclear physicist and that by assassinating him, the west wanted to undermine the iranian nuclear program. on the other hand, opposition supporters of the opposition presidential candidate say that the professor was a supporter of the opposition. that he was a member of academics that supported him during the election. at the same time, we have received reports that a small, pro markey group has accepted responsibility for this asssination. so, we know that there was an assassination, we know that this man was a professor, that is all. we know very little else. >> what is the implication of this assassination? on the broader picture of relations with tehran and nuclear program discussions? >> of course no supporters are saying that he was a member of the opposition that was assassinated. they may not implicate the government, but they will imply it. the iranian government insists that he was a nuclear physicist. do not forget that
-- >> ♪ yes, we can >> obama, the musical that follows the rise of the president of united states, opening in germany. france supports legislation to ban or restrict the wearing of islamic veils, like the burka. banning it in public places is to go before the national assembly for debate. muslim women say that the law violates their rights. >> the eiffel tower, a symbol of france and what it means to be french. what about this? the birth of? can it be french? -- the burka? of kennedy front edge -- can it be french? >> at the time when they take french citizenship, it is to be judged a fare well integrated. six months ago nicolas sarkozy launched a debate on what it means to be french. he says that the full veil was contrary to french values and female dignity. he has angered women that do where the full veiled. a french convert to islam, she said it was her choice to cover her face. >> even if a law is passed, people think i am imprisoned by wearing the veil, but the prison is putting me in public and forcing me to show my face freely. >> legislation to ban the full veil in public places w
think the united states has done a little better job in terms of sharing information between intelligence agencies. the real break point here is taking the information and making sure something was done it with it, and in this instance, nothing was done and that is the problem. >> we are talking about a vast amount of intelligence and the ability to process it. are they capable, the intelligence agencies, dealing with this amount of material? >> i think they are capable. the challenge is are they streamlined enough, they have the right procedures in place. yesterday president obama said the this was a failure to understand and integrate intelligence we already had. unfortunately president obama did not descend to the address how the united states is going to deal with this, how we are going to learn from this. i think we will hear this in the coming weeks and months -- i hope so. but i think at this stage i think a big challenge is to figure route how to streamline bureaucracy and not necessarily add layers. >> there will be enhanced security measures that will lead to a whol
plans ahead of next year's elections. bbc news. >> iran has blamed israel and the united states for the murder of a physics professor in tehran. iranian state television says dr. masoud ali mohammadi was killed by a bomb as he left home. our iran correspondent is currently in london and it is trying to untangle the day's events. >> unusually for iran, pictures and details of the killing emersed very quickly. -- emerged very quickly. it appears masoud ali mohammadi, at tehran university academic, was leaving for work this morning when a bomb exploded. it was either planted on a motorbike or in a rubbish bin. >> it was 7:30 when i heard a massive explosion and the building shook strongly. i thought it was an earthquake. i went inside and i saw chaos in the street. everywhere there was smoke. >> iranian media were also quick to identify him as a nuclear scientist. they said he was alleles' servant of the islamic revolution his death could -- they said he was allele servant of the islamic revolution and his death could be a blow to the nuclear program. >> and sends a clear message t
the united states. we have enngaged in opera- anti-terrorist operations for the good part of 40 years > jordan's position isn uncomfortable one. a prinent muslim middl eastern natio whose policy's are pro-western, butwhose people view the west with suspicion,and some wi violent hatred. >> another suicid attack in southeastern aghanistan has killed a senior secity officer and six others. the bomb detonated explosives in town the killing alleven on the spot and injurinat least 24. ports suggest that it was a curityfficer in the province. copt christians have clashed with police. this was in the can a province. th left midnightass on christmas e. police in khmir said is that troops have shot two gunmenho took over a hotel. the hotel was sormedfter a 24-hour standoff. th gunmatook refuge aft throwing grenades andaking fire -- takinfire in a sy market. sudan cod facehe return of civil war. that is the word from a group of 10 aid agencies. they say that the zero war between north and the south of sudan must be saved. >> still struggling t overcome e legacy of cil war that left 2 million peo
-- this is just comg in to us- with nada, the united states, in azil, it wl prode the inteational donors conference for reconstruction. but organizin the relief effort is a huge logistic undertaking anit is fraught with problems. we are live withhe british team in neighboring dominic republic. >>his is the scene at port-au- prince airpt i haiti tonight. eight planeshat the outcome of the -- >> infrastructure of the poorest cotry in western hemisere shattered. the far opposite left britain 2 hoursgo. the long way in the neighboring dominican republic is rd to take when they know ty could save the lives o people stranded under rubble not f away. >>s frustrating,lthough we ha to contain our frustration. we understand things are bad overhere, port au prince. the guys you see bend me what to get overhere as sn as possible. but for reasons beyond our control, obviously, w have to wait until planeare allowed t take off. >> part of t british team did takeff, but was unable to land, and the men and ds return to the dominican republic. th u.s. i on its way to haiti, spearheading a huge lief area.
of the interior ministry, is trained by britain and the united states, which they prefer the people do not know. it is politically difficult in this country, politically dangerous, but at the same time, they would like to do more, because they need all of the help they can get. their instructors, clearly not from yemen, got scared when the camera's got too close. many in this country believe that western military involvement may turn into the best recruiting agent for al qaeda. water is just one of many shortages here. this may suggest listening to something else other than the violent jihad message. >> it is martyrdom and going to heaven. when they are busy, and they are earning, then i think the problem of terrorism would be much less. the population. >> these people did not like al qaeda. they are not muslims, he said. muslims are not extremists. they agree there are terrorists. "we do not want them here." even so, in the hills, al qaeda is a force, and the president has a record against it. despite his men's shootouts this week with al qaeda, he does not see it as his biggest threat to the
will have the full support of the united states. the ternetiant google threens to pull out of china. very warm welcome to "bbc wod news," broadca to our viewers pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley coming up later r you -- trying to sue theiplomatic -- trying to sue their diplomatic r withturkey. raelapologizes. and a tug of war over who should keep britain'siggest collection of anglo-saxon treasure. heo. you li in one of the poest countries in t world, 80%f you are no me than $2 per day. you are recovering from three hurricanes and tropic storm. and now this. in haiti, the most powerful ribbean earthquake in 200 years s left it is feared tens of thousands dead and unknown numbers dropped. -- unknown numbers tpped. he is facing an imaginable catastphe. the densely populated capil is now in chaos. we have the rert from the neighboring dominican republi it. already o of thepoorest untries in the world, it was a disaster zone. and now says. -- and now this. >> anarthquake just happened and many people are walking in front of me. [unintelligible] that was a lady screa
-to-date on other news. signatures are being collected for a civil lawsuit in the united states, on behalf of the people killed or wounded by guards from the private security firm blackwater. 17 iraqis died year when guards opened fire in a crowded street -- 17 iraqis died iwhen guards opened fire on a crowded street. there was a government that ended two decades ago. five defendants charged in connection with last month's anti-government protests in iran have gone on trial. state television say they are accused of cooperating with an opposition group. eight people were killed in clashes across iran during a religious commemoration. taliban gunman and suicide bombers today launched a coordinated assault in the heart of the afghan capital -- taliban gunmen. there were exchanges of fire. our bbc correspondent was there and found himself caught up. >> afghan security forces approach to investigate. suddenly, they see what it is, the danger they are in. it is the single shocking moments, when a suicide bomber takes his own life in the hope of taking others, and in an instant, the city center i
britain and the united states. the yemeni government is embarrassed by its links with western powers. it's politically dangerous, but at the same time they'd like to get more assistance because at the moment they need all the help they can get. their instructors made themselves scarce where the cameras got too close. many here believe that western military involvement might turn into al qaeda's best recruiting. water is just one of many shortages here. might they suggest a more effective way to help listening to the al qaeda violent message. >> most of them are going to heaven. and when 24er -- they are busy and earning then i think the problem of terrorism would be much less and it would be easier to control. the population would be very cooperative. >> these people don't like al qaeda. they said muslims are extremists. they're all terrorists, we don't want them here. even so, somewhere in the hills, al qaeda is a force and the president has a patchy record against it. despite his men's shootouts with al qaeda this week, he doesn't see it as the biggest threat to his regime. his army ha
at slow and painful rhine. -- grind. >> e united states has suspended aid progr for the education ministry becau of a corruptioncandal. more than $1 million h disappearedrom the ministry. the amecan aassador accused liticians of failing to tale corruption around 600 man rights activists are marching greece to protestgainst racism and highlight the problems ithe country. the government's ss -- e gornment states that have struggled cope with the thsands of immigrants coming ievery year. the mars roverefforts to extricate it have failed. it wl live out its remainin days a a stable statio the new comedy, "four lions," cuses a group of british suicide bombers in training. the directors a satirist, chris mois. this past programs have cented fear of failure a the dire consequences of drugs. a h topic omain street, the scening of "four lions here was simply, th story is a farce, young asian -- lionlion" simply, thestory is a farce. four young asianstraining to become suicide bombers. >> you will get nicked. >> by e time that go in? collects four btles of bleach, please >> that is a woman's --
very much indeed. the french government -- this is just coming in to us -- with canada, the united states, in brazil, it will provide the international donors conference for reconstruction. but organizing the relief effort is a huge logistical undertaking and it is fraught with problems. we are live with the british team in neighboring dominican republic. >>his is the scene at port-au- prince airport in haiti tonight. eight planes that the outcome of the -- >> infrastructure of the poorest country in western hemisphere shattered. the far opposite left britain 24 hours ago. the long way in the neighboring dominican republic is hard to take when they know they could save the lives of people stranded under rubble not far away. >> is frustrating, although we have to contain our frustration. we understand things are bad over there, port au prince. the guys you see behind me what to get over there as soon as possible. but for reasons beyond our control, obviously, we have to wait until planes are allowed to take off. >> part of the british team did take off, but was unable to land, and t
will reopen anytime soon. >> united states has suspended aid program for kenya because of the corruption scandal -- because of a corruption scandal. the american ambassador to kenya accused politicians for failing to tackle corruption. people have been marching in greece to protest against racism and to highlight the problems immigrants face. they are looking to improve conditions, but they admit they struggle to cope with the thousands entering the country each year. nasa has admitted defeat. it got stuck in soft soil last may, the rover, and all efforts to get it out have failed. it will now live out its remaining days as a statin station -- as a static station. there is a new movie that has had a world premiere. chris morriss involved. >> it was a hot ticket. the first screening of the movie. put simply, the film is a farce, the story of a ragtag group of young asian men. initially, their target is a mosque. training the group is an islamic converts who is not impressed by the efforts one of his men has made to obtain an explosive ingredients. >> you will get us nicked. >> i use diffe
with a swift and aggressive action to save lives. people will have the full support of the united states. >> googled threatens to pull out of china over censorship and hacking. welcome to "bbc world news." coming up later, trying to suit diplomatic [unintelligible] israel apologizes for the humiliation of turkey's ambassador. the battle for an ancient gold and silver hoard. a tug of war over who should keep britain's biggest collection of anglo-saxon treasure. >> you live in one of the poorest countries of the world where 80% of you get no more than $2 a day. you are still recovering from three hurricanes, and now this. in haiti the most powerful earthquake in 200 years as caused a tragedy. schools and hospitals and parliament are in ruins. the president is talking of an unimaginable catastrophe. the epicenter was close to the densely populated capital, now a city in chaos. matthew price has just arrived in the neighboring dominican republic. >> there was an earthquake that just happened and many people are walking in front of me with blood all over them. that was a lady screaming that s
united states senator! >> it is perhaps the political upset of the new century, a republican elected to the u.s. senate in massachusetts for the first time in 38 years. he and scott brown. >> i saw a handmade sign that i put there myself. >> exactly one year after president obama took office. there are 100 seats in the senate, 100 votes. the democrats now control 60 of those, giving them a majority so powerful that could pass legislation they want. but when scott brown arrives, the republicans take control of 41 seats. that is enough to block legislation. president obama's huge plan for health care now looks vulnerable. mr. obama appealed this morning to massachusetts. republicans were ecstatic today with a chance to kill health care reform. >> the people of massachusetts have spoken for america. stop this process. >> exactly how much political damage has been done is still being looked at. there are more elections to come in november. when he came to power one year ago, many saw barack obama is being transformative. today, politics in washington it is as bitter and divisive as ever.
, and then, they wait -- they appeal. >> in the united states, we always talk about the golden hour. we always want to get to the injured in one hour, and i can tell you, if we find any survivors now, it will be a miracle. >> and that is what they have been waiting for. they believe their loved ones are beneath the rubble, here at the largest shopping center. this man worked in their but left one hour before the quake. he has been waiting for news of his broadther -- this man warp orked there. the 82nd airborne is here to assist with the aid effort and with security. survivors welcomed them, but many here are wondering why help could not have come sooner. there was an airdrop of food and water today in a secure area. officials have been worrying that parachuting in aid could cause trouble. america is now considering air drops across haiti. bbc news, port-au-prince. >> some 2000 marines ready to join the u.s. forces that are already here. it is one sign of president obama's commitment to this country, which, after all, is in america's back yard. a u.s. carrier called vincent is being use
of the christmas day airliner bomb plot in the united states has pleaded not guilty at his first court appearance. the suspect, umar farouk abdulmutallab, said he understood the charges against him. he has been indicted on six charges including the attempted murder of 290 passengers and crew on board of the american plane. this was not a long process today. >> not at all. less than three minutes to the whole thing took. umar farouk abdulmutallab was in court wearing leg irons and dressed in a t-shirt. he was asked whether he had taken pain killers, he said he had. he said that he understood fully the charges against him and whether he had a chance to discuss them with his defense team. at that time, his defense counsel asked for a plea of not guilty. the most serious charges are the attempt to use a weapon of mass destruction and murder the other people on the plane. also an attempt to destroy the aircraft. no trial date has been set but we can't expect that to be set over the next few weeks. >> what happens next? >> well, there is a discussion between the prosecution and the defense counsel in t
of the next century. united states and china have different views on the issue. we intend to address those differences candidly and consistently. >> on thursday, the chinese foreign ministry spokesman insisted the internet in china is open. he said that her comments run contrary to the facts and harmful to u.s.-china relations. he called on u.s. to stop using the so-called freedom of the internet to make unjustified accusations against china. chinese internet users face a multitude of controls. websites are blocked. search results are filtered for sensitive material. the entire internet is sometimes cut off and entire regions. he helped to design the olympic stadium. even his websites are often it shut down. >> in china, the most basic rights such as normal activities involving information or freedom of speech are seriously controlled. this control is making it more difficult for the public to survive in this information age. >> the google rao has shown an uncomfortable light on chinese internet censorship. it has threatened to sour its relations with the obama administration. bbc news in
minutes of quiet. and then they wait. >> in the united states, we talk about the golden hour. we want to get to the injured within an hour. i cannot tell you -- if we find survivors now, it will be a miracle. >> today, there was one. a truly miraculous recovery. this woman pulled out of the rubble, weak and emaciated, but alive. but officials say time is running out and the rescue effort will soon become a search for bodies. bbc news, port-au-prince. >> the u.s. has taken the lead in this relief operation, committing its military might and its huge financi resources to this country, which after all, is in its backyard. if today at the presidential palace, yet more american troops landed in the country. in all, there will be some 11,000 troops involved in helping this country through its crisis. some in a backup role, and others on the ground, making sure help is getting where it is needed and establishing security, of course. one ship is anchored off shore, and it is being used as a staging post for this relief effort. our correspondent has this report. >> incoming wounded on the ship
. not so much optimism so much that they have received that hamid karzai is the winner and the united states is in again in a big way. >> is there also a reality in that their daily lives are improving? >> the improvements have been gradual. there is only a little improvement on transportation and education. there is no improvement on their sense of security from the taliban. they have seen some improvements. they are not dramatic. what has changed is their estimation of what the next few years will bring. they are staking out their future that the americans will somehow prevail. >> looked, they're saying this strategy is working. flexed too early to say that it is working, but i would say that there is a battle for the sections to be one -- >> it is too early to say that it is working, but i would said there's a battle for the elections of the future. afghanistan may be turning a corner. but there's also a lot wrong with the ordinary lives of afghans. over the last five years it has increased, but it could fade away. >> you mentioned that people were aware that the election was fraud
of internet users. th risk walng themselves off from the progress o the next centy. united states and china he differen views on the issue. we intend to address those differences candly and nsistently. >> o thursday, the chinese foreign ministry spokesm insisted the intern in china is ope he sd that her comments run contrary to the facts and harmful to u.s.-china rations. healled on u.s. t stop using the so-cald freedom of te internet to makenjustified accusations against china. chise internet urs face a multitude of corols. websites are blocke search results are filteredor sensitive marial. the entire internet is sometimes cu off and entire regions. he helpedo design the olymp stadium. even his websites are ofn it shut dow >>n china,the most basic rights such as normal actities involving information or freedom of speech are seriously controlled. this control i ming it more difficult for thpublic to rvive in this information a. >> the google raoas shown an uncomfortable ligh on chinese inteet censorship. it has threatened to sour i lations with the obam administration. bbcews in beijing. >> st
accused of th chrisas state airline bomb plot in th united states ha pleaded not ilty at his fir court appearce. the hearing laed only a few minutes. umar farouk abdulmutallab said he understood the charges against him. he is banbeing indted on six charges >> from the sert of yemen to the frigid co of a tree, toy umar farouk abdulmutallas driven to court. he mus fee a very long way from ho. he came i wearingeg ins. he spoke quiey saying that he understoodhe charges he is facing. the include attempng to use a weapon of mass destruction, the attempted muer of the 289 otherassengers and cew on the flight, a thwillful attempt destroyn aircraft. he pleadedot guilty. >> i almost died. she d her husband were sitting a few row away wh the bomb tried to set f explosives >> tre is nothing you can do. we knew thate were 20,000 feet in theair. you nnot jump out. you cannot do anythin you e either going to e on the airplane or you will get of >>we already know much about umar faroukbdulmutallab. his fatr had ward u.s. officials that his son thd become mor radical. we know that he was in touch with
in the wild. ♪ >> the nigerian man accused of the christmas state airline bomb plot in the united states has pleaded not guilty at his first court appearance. the hearing lasted only a few minutes. umar farouk abdulmutallab said he understood the charges against him. he is banbeing indicted on six charges. >> from the desert of yemen to the frigid cold of a tree, today umar farouk abdulmutallab was driven to court. he must feel a very long way from home. he came in wearing leg irons. he spoke quietly saying that he understood the charges he is facing. those include attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, the attempted murder of the 289 other passengers and crew on the flight, and the willful attempt to destroy an aircraft. he pleaded not guilty. >> i almost died. >> she and her husband were sitting a few rows away when the bomber tried to set f explosives. >> there is nothing you can do. we knew that we were 20,000 feet in the air. you cannot jump out. you cannot do anything. you are either going to die on the airplane or you will get off. >> we already know much about umar farouk ab
't claim to know as much as the united states but in the region here, we have been engaged in operations and anti- terrorist operations for the good part of 40 years. >> jordan's position is uncomfortable. a prominent muslim middle eastern nation whose policies are pro-western. the people view the u.s. with suspicion, some even with violent hatred. bbc news, jordan. >> joining me now is our security correspondent. borden, we saw a former government aid talking about the relationship between jordan and the u.s. will not be affected but do you think the u.s. will take a closer look at the intelligence they share but jordan? >> i think fundamentally, note. clearly something went wrong in this particular case and there will be questions asked about whher there was too much trust in this age and and why he was not certain whether there was an of betting of them and whether the jordanians and out for him that will clearly cause some short-term embarrassment and tension between these two governments. but fundamentally i think it is a deeper, more and more relationship going on. i think even tho
for an end to the hostile relationship to the united states in a new year message. the announcement was reported by the north korean central news agency. the agency reported that north korea wants to bring about lasting peace in the region and making it nuclear-free through negotiations. the u.n. is withdrawing some of its international staff from pakistan for at least six months, it says, for security reasons. they say only nonessential staff will be moved and aid for people displaced by fighting will not be affected. the pakistani authorities have asked the u.n. to reconsider. the -- the head of the catholic church in ireland said the cardinal died peacefully in the presence of family and friends. he was 92. former prime minister tony blair said the cardinal had made a significant contribution to delivering peace. the first picture of the british hostage peter moore has been released just a day after he was freed in baghdad. it's the first photo of him seen since his capture 2 1/2 years ago. iran is denying claims by a british newspaper that it masterminded the kidnapping. here is
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